• Do Kyungsoo? Oh No?!
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Park Chanyeol || School Life, Romance)
    Prolog || Part 1 ||
  • Eomma, Kau Dimana?
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun || Sad)
    Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 end [Complete]
  • Guitar, Coffe, and Love
    (Do Kyungsoo, Jung Eunji || School Life, Romance, Sad, Friendship)
    Prolog ||
  • His Life…
    (Do Kyungsoo, Byun Baekhyun || Brothership, Familly, Sad)
    Part 1 || Part 2
  • I Will Protect My Mother
    (Do Kyungsoo, Mother, Park Chanyeol || Family)
    Part 1 || Part 2 end [Complete]


  • Ain’t A Fool
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Fluff, Angst, School Life)
  • Anonymous
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Kai || Angst, School Life)
  • Babo
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance)
  • Calculus
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, School Life)
  • Choice
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Marriage Life)

  • Common Denominator
    (Do Kyungsoo(EXO’s), Park Hyojin(OC’s)|| Fluff, Friendship, Song fict)
  • Confession
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, School Life)
  • Confession
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Marriage Life)
  • Distance
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Sad)

  • Dad, You There
    (Do Kyungsoo(EXO’s), Do Kyungmi(OC’s)|| Family life)
  • Endless Rain
    (Do Kyungsoo, Girl’s Day’s Sojin || Romance, Angst)
  • Evident
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Friendship)
  • Find You
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Comedy)
  • Hurt
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Sad, Hurt)
  • Iffiness
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Baekhyun, Kai || School Life, Romance, Friendship)

  • If You Were Me
    (Do Kyungsoo(EXO’s), Park Hyojin(OC’s) || Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Friendship, Psychology)
  • Is It Love?
    (Do Kyungsoo and Park Rin[OC] || Romance)
  • Let It Snow
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Kim Jongin || Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance)
  • Regret
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Sad)

  • Revenge
    (Do Kyungsoo, Kim Hayoung || Romance)
  • Selfie
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Comedy, Fluff, Romance)
  • Soju Ttaemune
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Friendship, Romance, College Life)
  • Surprise
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Marriage Life, Romance)
  • That Girl
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Marriage Life, Romance)
  • The Last Meeting
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Sad, Friendship)

  • The End
    (D.O, Suho, and The Girl || Life, Hurt, Dark)

  • The Name I Loved
    (Nam Ji Hyun(OC’s), Do Kyungsoo(EXO’s), Kim Jong In(EXO’s)|| Sad, Friendship, Romance)
  • Unexpectedly
    (Do Kyungsoo, Baekhyun || Love, Romance, Friendship)
  • Unfair
    (Do Kyungsoo || Romance, Angst)


  • Becoming Red
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Comedy, School Life)
  • Bed Time
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Fluff)
  • First Date
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || School Life, Romance, Tragedy)
  • Fall In Love
    (Do Kyungsoo || Angst, Hurt, Sad)
  • Ghoul
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || AU, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery)
  • Her Gaze
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Sad, Angst, Romance)
  • My Answer
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun || Romance, Drama, Poetry)
  • Next Life
    (Do Kyungsoo & Hye (OC) || Sad)
  • Problem
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || Romance, Fluff)
  • That Hello
    (Do Kyungsoo, OC || School Life, Romance)
Last Updated: 26 Maret 2016

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